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Information on iontophoresis therapy to manage sweating

On a hot summer’s day, sweating is a subject one can discuss in a relaxed manner, while going to the public pool, for example. But once neither sun nor sweat-inducing moments like sports or excitement are involved, sweating is often considered an embarrassment. More than 400.000 individuals in Germany work up a sweat “without reason” and are not aware that there now is a way to systematically control even excessive sweating.

But what exactly makes these individuals perspire so strongly and what can a tap water iontophoresis therapy machine achieve to manage excessive sweating?

Hyperhidrosis is the name of the condition whose medical impact makes afflicted persons suffer nowhere near as much as rather its social stigma: «Cool is who does not sweat. Anyone who sweats, smells; and who smells neglects his/her hygiene!» so the simple logic ingrained in the heads of those people who produce a normal or small amount of sweat – in most cases this occurs unintentionally and basically without any ill will.

Every day, around 2 % of the population in Germany feel embarrassed when sitting in air-conditioned conference rooms with discolored shirts, only because the liquid throughput of their sweat glands exceeds the standard. A vicious cycle, as in the eyes of the person sitting across the table, sweating signalizes insecurity, nervousness, even inability and insincerity. The first clammy handshake makes the sufferer feel like a „sweaty old rag“, without ever being given a second chance for a positive first impression.

The causes for excessive sweating are numerous: a disorder of an internal organ, the nervous system or the endocrine system may be the cause. Very often, however, the reasons are completely unknown or genetic in origin. This condition is referred to as primary or essential hyperhidrosis. It affects both men and women, most of the time it starts during puberty and has, unfortunately, an impact that can last almost a lifetime.

Especially severe and hard to control is hyperhidrosis of the hands (medical term: hyperhidrosis palmaris). The palms constantly feel clammy and soggy and a handshake is a very unpleasant experience for both parties. In many cases the sweating is so severe, that sweat virtually drips from the hands. Dripping sweat on the feet is also a widespread condition which causes the much cited „smelly feet“ – feet that are constantly wet and often afflicted by fungal infections can leave odiferous byproducts that are “cheesy” in smell – not only observed in men.

This German video demonstrates modern iontophoresis sets with numerous
 application possibilities

You can combat excessive sweating in an astonishingly simple way! 

Most dermatologists consider tap water iontophoresis a type of therapy that has been established for decades and they recognize it – besides antiperspirants – as a reliable method of choice for hyperhidrosis patients. The tap water iontophoresis (commonly also known as electric stimulation therapy) is administered with pulsed current or direct current and can be conducted in a medical practice as well as in home use.

Devices for home therapy can be easily found on the Internet and they are relatively affordable. In the last few years, prices for field-tested devices significantly dropped below the 1,000 Euro-benchmark, which is very convenient for persons afflicted by sweating as it has been scientifically proven that the chances for success are particularly good when administered on an on-going basis.

Simply feeling dry is important but the social long-term effect that can come with the success of a therapy that manages excessive sweating is of even greater significance. Some of the aspects are reduction of anxiety, stress, as well as generally being able to openly deal with the possibilities of private and professional life. That is precisely why an examination of the function and effect of the tap water iontophoresis can be worthwhile for individuals with excessive sweat production.

The following information pages serve this purpose. We wish you the best of luck!

Treatment of sweating hands - Saalio® Iontophoresis Device, Saalmann medical GmbH

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