Iontophorese mit Silikon-Elektroden

Iontophoresis to treat hyperhidrosis axillaris

Axillary hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive abnormal underarm sweating.

Around 40 % of all persons with hyperhidrosis suffer with underarm sweating. The human armpit is an area where a multitude of sweat glands is concentrated in the narrowest of spaces. Due to the arms lying close to the body, the armpit is a nearly closed cavity, making it hard for sweat to evaporate.

Tight-fitting or inappropriate clothing additionally hampers the circulation. The result are sweat-drenched tops (blouses, shirts, T-shirts etc.) with dark sweat stains, discoloration of textiles, salty sweat rings and, most of all, body odor.

Bottom line: iontophoresis treatment is an excellent medium to manage underarm perspiration, as long as there is the appropriate applicator at hand (armpit pads with electrodes, sponge pads with electrodes).

Iontophoresis to treat underarm sweating, here with soft silicone-electrodes
Iontophoresis to treat underarm sweating, here with soft silicone-electrodes from Saalmann medical®

Armpit electrodes: recommendation for the treatment of underarm sweating

Silicone-/graphite-electrodes for axillary treatment with textile jackets (sponge pouches) are light and pliable and optimally adapt to the shape of the armpit. Since according to our experience it cannot be completely ruled out that electrodes slip out of the sponge pouches in the armpits, silicone-/graphite-electrodes might be considered in such a case to be significantly safer. Their conductive properties may help avoiding intermittent current spikes as well as skin burns of the armpits (caused by direct current impact).

Application recommendation: iontophoresis-application for the underarms

To treat sweaty armpits we basically recommend only one therapy device which is capable of supplying the more pleasant and gentle pulsed current. Use it for the initial application.

Start with pulsed current and a value of 1 mA and increase this value over the entire course of the session (15 minutes) to a value that lets you perceive the current as a „slightly painful but manageable“ sensation (tolerable current rating in the upper range of your comfort zone). Only if you can permanently tolerate this current rating very well and only if necessary (because even after a longer period of time the desired effect is not forthcoming) should you try to incrementally increase the current rating.

  • Carefully read the Information in the user manual that comes with your iontophoresis device, particularly the information on safety and start-up of the device!
  • Clean skin areas before applying the sponge electrode (= silicone electrode in sponge pouch). Remove ointments, creams, and cosmetics.
  • For hygienic reasons, the sponge pouch should only be used by one person.
  • The silicone electrode must be completely inserted into the sponge pouch to avoid possible current-related skin damage• completely soak the sponge pouches prior to starting the treatment. Do not wring them afterwards!
  • The sponge pouches must be dripping wet to ensure good current flow.
  • Treatment time: 15 minutes turns out to be the ideal time span for a treatment session.
  • Select pulsed current and a start value of 1 mA. Increase this value in your first session over the entire treatment time until reaching the end of your comfort zone.
  • It may become necessary to re-moisten the sponge pouches during a session. In this case interrupt the ongoing session and re-moisten the sponge pouches. Place the thus prepared sponge pouches in the armpits, with the connector cables pointing to the front (see illustration above) and keep them in place by applying light pressure.
  • If at all possible, avoid very strong movements during the session since these can result in power fluctuations.• If you should experience irregular tingling or a strong burning sensation, re-moisten the sponge pouches and lower the therapy current.
  • To clean the skin areas prior to the application, a micro fiber cloth washed in the washing machine multiple times can be very useful.
  • You can wrap a towel around your chest to stay warm and protect yourself from leaking water.
  • It is imperative to keep the sponge pouches clean. After every treatment session, pull the electrodes from the sponge pouches and let them dry.

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