Iontophoresis to treat hyperhidrosis generalis

Generalized hyperhidrosis is the dermatological term for excessive, abnormal sweating appearing simultaneously quite nonspecific on the entire body or on several parts of the body. A person is basically able to sweat across the whole body since the sweat glands are distributed (albeit unevenly) from head to toe.

If several different body regions simultaneously display strong perspiration without any recognizable distinct regional definition, we use the term hyperhidrosis generalis (generalized Hyperhidrosis). Perspiration that is locally limited, for example only on the head (nevertheless, e.g. nose, upper lip and forehead sweat simultaneously) is called a focal hyperhidrosis.

Not everything is possible: unfortunately, an iontophoresis treatment can only be administered on focal, i.e. well-defined body regions if and only if the according applicator is available (e.g. an iontophoresis face mask, an iontophoresis neck cushion). An iontophoresis device that can be used in its entirety to treat a generalized hyperhidrosis does not exist.

We recommend: even though generalized hyperhidrosis cannot be treated in its entirety by iontophoresis, afflicted persons should feel great relief to be able to apply iontophoresis therapy to deliberately dry up those body regions where perspiration is most conspicuous or unpleasant! Even if the sweat reduction is only a partial success, the outcome can result in a significantly improved quality of life. Simultaneously, stress and psychological pain are reduced which at best can lead to additional emotional relief.

Helping you to help yourself: besides partial iontophoresis treatments we recommend to visit f.e. a forum like where you can swap know-how with other afflicted persons, learn more about the subject and become active yourself. Generalized hyperhidrosis is not a rare condition and it can be a liberating experience to exchange information with other persons also suffering with this condition. Moreover, we recommend a visit to a hyperhidrosis consultation event as it is oftentimes provided at university hospitals.

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