Iontophoresis against sweating on the feet

Iontophoresis to treat hyperhidrosis plantaris

Hyperhidrosis plantaris or hyperhidrosis pedis, respectively, is what specialists calls excessive, abnormal sweating of the feet, particularly foot soles and the skin between the toes.

Most individuals know „sweaty feet“ or „stinky feet“ from their own experience. These problems can, however, be remedied in most cases by wearing the right shoes and socks. The cosmetics industry provides an array of remedies and potions which are more or less effective.
Anyone who suffers with plantar hyperhidrosis, however, sweats – totally independent of external temperatures and exertion, whether in boots or barefoot – much more and, most of all, constantly. Permanently sweaty feet result in extremely soggy foot soles (whitish callus), allergies, fungal infections, plantar warts, felons and, most of all, „stinky feet“, in other words feed emitting an extremely pungent odor. Salt rings on leather footwear or tattered soles are here the lesser evil …

Bottom line: iontophoresis is an excellent procedure to treat hyperhidrosis plantaris (hyperhidrosis pedis)!

Simultaneous application on hands and feet with a Saalio® iontophoresis machine
Simultaneous iontophoresis-application on hands and feet with the Saalio® DE iontophoresis-Se

Flat electrodes: recommendation for iontophoresis to treat sweaty feet

The flat electrodes for treating hands/feet are mainly made of metal. The newer silicone-/graphite-electrodes for foot treatment are light, pliable and, if necessary, can be cut to size to fit the preferred treatment tray or shape (e.g. choose a tray with smaller surface area for a higher water line). Silicone-/graphite electrodes are suitable for users with metal allergies. They are not subject to corrosion and are also not affected by chemical reactions which lead to the separation of nano particles.

You can find more details regarding the basic differences of metal electrodes and silicone electrodes on our page on iontophoresis shopping advice…

Application recommendation: iontophoresis to treat the feet

To treat sweaty feet, we basically recommend a therapy device that can deliver pulsed as well as direct current. Please use initially only direct current. In the beginning, increase the current level over the entire treatment period of 15 minutes up to a value which you perceive as a „slightly painful but manageable“ sensation. Please bear in mind that the skin quickly adapts. A current level initially perceived as unpleasant is often judged as tolerable only about half a minute later.

Tip for power maximization: If needed (no progress in achieving dryness for an extended period) you should try out incrementally higher current ratings but only if you can permanently tolerate your personal maximum current very well.

  • carefully read the information contained in the attached iontophoresis user manual, particularly the provisions for safety and start-up of the device!

  • do not wear any metal items like anklets, piercings or toe rings and do not use any electronic devices in the direct environment of your treatment (cellphones, microwaves).

  • clean skin areas prior to the treatment. Remove ointments, creams and cosmetics.

  • place the treatment trays on a stable and flat surface.

  • place 1 electrode in each of the two treatment trays and connect them both with the control device.

  • cover the electrodes with the according protective element (cloths, grates, sponges, fleece).

  • use only tap water free of additives for the treatment!

  • make sure that the protective element has been completely and thoroughly soaked in water.

  • Fill the treatments trays with as little water as possible, so that the foot soles are barely covered with water.

  • make sure you do not bathe your entire feet in the water but rather actually only the foot soles!

  • To maintain an even level of water, it is recommended to use a marked one liter PET-bottle for refilling. Marking the bottle at around 95 % of its regular filling capacity is often suitable.

  • Treatment time : 15 minutes turns out to be the optimum time span for a treatment session.

  • For your first treatments, select direct current and a low start setting.

  • In the course of the therapy, increase this value to a maximal setting which you still perceive as pleasant, just to the point when you feel a somewhat unpleasant tingling sensation. You should, however, not feel any pain!

  • If you want to change the current settings in modern iontophoresis devices with automatic start/stop function, simply take one foot out of the tray. The treatment should continue once it is re-immersed.

  • A good iontophoresis device should be safe and easy to operate even with clammy fingers.

  • Caution – direction of current: do not change the direction of current within a treatment session!

  • If at all possible, avoid strong movements during the treatment. This can lead to power fluctuations.

Therapy monitoring & maintenance therapy

If after several weeks or applications you feel significant improvement (> 50 % sweat reduction), you can decide for yourself if you want to continue to reduce the sweating any further or if you rather want to switch to maintenance therapy. For theideal maintenance therapy you best select pulsed current and change the direction of current with every application. As a rule, you can use the same current strength you could previously tolerate well with your direct current treatment.

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